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The Jar of Change Challenge

How I started my reselling business with almost nothing

Seeing people's reactions when I tell them I find items at thrift stores and garage sales, pay $2 for them, and then resell them for $40 online…is priceless.

It’s usually followed by a barrage of questions like, “how do you know what to buy?” or “how do you find garage sales?” but those questions are for another day.

The one question that I love though is “how did I get started?” My answer…with a jar of change.

A while back I was cleaning out my closet and I found a large peanut jar full of spare change. At the time I had been stewing on the idea of starting some sort of business, but I wasn’t exactly sure what it would be.

I knew I would need some money to get a business up and going, but I didn’t have a huge pile of cash to draw from. I would have to do what many new entrepreneurs do…buy and resell things to raise money.

With this in mind, I decided I would cash in my jar of change and use the money to start buying and reselling items and build up my funds for my business.

There was a CoinStar close to my apartment, so I took in my change, cashed it in, and walked away with $52 to start my business venture.

I have a background in auctioneering, so I went to a local auction because I knew I would probably find something cheap to buy and resell…and I was right.

There was a nice punching bag that I was able to snag for $12.50. It barely fit in my car, but I knew this would be worth it.

Once I got it back to my apartment and carried it up three flights of stairs, I cleaned it up, took some pictures of it and posted it on OfferUp for $85.

Fifteen minutes later I was taking it back down the three flights of stairs to its new owner.

It’s hard to describe the feeling I felt when I had those $85 in my hand, but it was addicting and I knew I wanted more.

First it was a punching bag, then I flipped knitting supplies, then ceramic figurines and soon enough the reselling flywheel in my life was rolling.

As I gained momentum I came to realize that I love reselling.

Reselling is my business.

It all started with a simple jar of change sitting in the back of my closet.

So, how did you start your reselling business? Hit reply and let me know!

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