The Most Popular Items To Sell On eBay

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The Most Popular Items To Sell On eBay

“What is the most popular category on eBay to resell in and why?”- Cary Williams, American Arbitrage

In my interview with Cary Williams, which you can read in last week's newsletter, he asked me to research what the most popular items to sell are on eBay and why. So, I went down the rabbit hole and I found some answers.

The most popular item to sell on eBay is… far more complicated than just listing one specific item.

Let me explain.

With millions of buyers and sellers using the online platform, the most popular item categories being sold are always shifting. This is driven by changes in customer preferences and behaviors. It’s classic supply and demand.

There are many variables to consider when determining the most sold item categories on eBay, but two stood out to me.

  1. The time period being searched

  2. The geographic location of buyers and sellers

So, for example, if I was searching for the most popular category to sell in on eBay dating back to 1999, I might find things like Beanie Babies. Now fast forward to 2023, it’s iPhone accessories. The time horizon for determining the most popular item category on eBay matters.

With eBay's international presence, buyer and seller preferences vary based on geography. For example, a Manchester United soccer jersey will be more sought after by the European market than the American market, just like Super Bowl memorabilia will be more sought after by the American market compared to the Asian market.

So, with all this in mind, the most popular categories that sell on eBay consistently over time, regardless of geographic location are electronics and apparel.

Why do people buy electronics and apparel on eBay?

There is a vast number of reasons why people purchase electronics and apparel from eBay. Here are five:

  1. Cost Savings: People purchase used items on eBay to save money and benefit from lower prices.

  1. Rarity and Vintage Appeal: Some individuals seek unique and nostalgic items, enjoying the exclusivity and personal style they provide.

  1. Trust in eBay's Platform: eBay's established reputation as a trusted marketplace encourages consumers to make used purchases.

  1. The Thrill of the Hunt: Searching for used items on eBay offers excitement and satisfaction like a treasure hunt.

  1. Economic Downturns: During economic hardships, people turn to eBay for more affordable options to meet their needs

So, how does this help me as a reseller?

Knowing what categories are popular on eBay and also knowing the reasons why buyers purchase off of the platform help me in my sourcing decisions.

I try to put myself in my ideal customer's shoes and ask myself,

“What clothing/electronics are my ideal customers buying and what is driving them to buy from eBay?”

Creating a customer avatar and weighing my purchases against it helps me avoid bad purchases.

So, why do you purchase things from eBay? What categories have you had success selling in? Hit reply and let me know.

Also, have you ever considered buying wholesale? We’ll dive into it more in next week's newsletter.

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Question of the Week

Those of you who offer free shipping, how are you planning on managing the potential strike with UPS? Are you switching to FedEx or changing your listings to buyer pays shipping? I was looking at one large item that I just shipped out. UPS was close to $85, Ground Advantage was almost double at $165.

Charisia Arnold


I always use the cheapest carrier no matter what. I also don't put in my listing what carrier I am going to use to keep my options open. Lately FedEx has been beating UPS prices for large items consistently for me.

Robyn Weiss

99 percent of mine Ground Advantage has been cheaper than UPS. Depends on where you are in the country also!

David Uehling

Won’t change anything. Anything that I would ship UPS will go either FedEx or USPS ground advantage, whichever is cheapest.

Bryan Rappoport

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