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Product Is King…The Key to More eBay Sales

The first of four practical steps you can take to get more sales and make more money

If you’ve sold on eBay for long enough, I’m sure you have felt the utter frustration of not getting more sales.

We, as resellers, spend numerous hours sourcing, cleaning, testing, photographing, and listing our items on eBay with the hope that sales will come quickly, thus allowing ourselves to taste the fruits of our labors.

But far too often, we put in the hours of work and the sales never come.

So, how do we remedy this situation? Here are a few suggestions:

There are a few specific things I focus on when I’m working to increase my sales. I call them the 4 P’s:

  • Product

  • Pricing

  • Photos

  • Promotion

Over the next few weeks I will be doing a dive into each of these points, but today, lets focus on the first one.


When working as an auctioneer, I had the opportunity to go to people's homes and determine if an auction was the best solution to liquidate an estate. I would walk around with the homeowner and go through their belongings.

Oftentimes, after doing a walkthrough of the estate, I would not offer my services as an auctioneer.


Because the estate was full of junk that had no value. The product I was being asked to sell was not worth anything, which means I would lose money trying to sell it.

As a reseller, it’s important to source products that are sellable. If the product is junk, it’s probably not going to sell…so I don’t buy it.

The other thing to consider is the items sell through rate.

If you aren’t sure what a sell through rate is, you can watch this video here where I explain what it is and how to calculate it:

Low sell through rates mean there is low demand for the product. It is also an indicator that the market is pretty small for the product as well.

Low product demand and small market size will mean slow sales.

Keeping these few factors in mind has personally helped me increase my eBay sales.

Buying good products that have a proven demand in the market will result in more sales on eBay.

So, what sort of things do you personally do to help you find good products to sell? Hit reply and let me know…I’d love to hear about it!

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