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Profitable Plush Picking? How One Reseller Does It.

“I wish more people would ask me about plush.”

Who would have thought that reselling plush dolls online could be a source of income? I recently had a conversation with Starr Bryson of Flippin Hippos, and I will never look at plush dolls the same ever again.

As resellers love talking to other resellers about reselling, so naturally I asked Starr to share with me the one question she wishes more people would ask her about.

“I wish more people would ask me about plush.”

Many resellers have a misconception that plush dolls are all junk, however, Starr explained to me how there are a large number of plush dolls that sell for between $18-$20 apiece. What’s even better is plush dolls are easy to source for really cheap, literally for pennies on the dollar. The profit margins are significant. High margins with a high volume of sales results in a cash-flowing machine.

My key takeaway:

Reselling simple things can make you money when you buy at the right price and have a market to sell to.

Starr has been reselling for years, and with experience comes wisdom from the pain of mistakes. I asked Starr to share with me the hardest lesson she had to learn as a reseller.

The entire process!” was her quick reply.

Being a self-taught reseller, Starr learned by taking small risks and making mistakes. Starting off, she and her partner Keith, only had $20. Together, they ventured to the Goodwill Bins, sourced $20 worth of inventory, and flipped it for a profit.

Then, they did it again and again, continually reinvesting their profits to grow their business.

The initial $20 grew into several hundred. Starr and Keith then ventured into sourcing from dollar stores, buying hundreds of items at a time to resell, but this is where things started to change.

Starr shared that buying so much from dollar stores didn’t always pan out. At times she would be left with several hundred pieces of “poop”. By not understanding how to research product sell-through rates, brands, and other relevant information pertaining to items, she had to pay the price of bad inventory.

Now, Starr has since learned from these early mistakes. She now helps others avoid making the same mistakes she made by sharing her wisdom and knowledge on her social media accounts and YouTube. You can check her stuff out on her LinkTree.

Not only does she share her knowledge, she also has put together guides specifically on plush dolls and clothing to help resellers learn and scale their businesses. Those can be accessed on her website ​​

My takeaway: Acknowledge what you don’t know, and then go learn it…it will either save you money or make you money. Both ways, you have more money in your pocket.

I asked Starr to share with me one lesson she wished someone had taught her sooner as a reseller. Specifically, something that would have helped her get to where she is today, more quicker.

Without any hesitation she said, “Flat Rate Envelopes.”

Starr is located on the East Coast, and as a new reseller, she quickly realized that paying $15 to ship a pair of women’s jeans to the West Coast is not a sustainable business model. If she paid for the shipping, it would cut deeply into her margins, and buyers are less likely to pay such high shipping costs for a pair of jeans.

Because of this, Starr stopped selling women's jeans for an entire year. What’s funny, is now, women’s jeans are one of her mainstays for her business. This change happened because someone introduced her to Flat Rate Envelopes, which means she could ship women’s jeans for a fraction of the price.

This one simple change completely changed her business model. I’ve heard from other resellers about the importance of understanding shipping. Starr is proof of this. Understanding how to take advantage of different shipping options literally changed her entire business.

My Takeaway: Be willing to learn from others who know things you don’t know. Doing so can literally change your entire business.

Also, making small adjustments can yield high returns in your business, so be willing to test, analyze, and implement within your business.

So, what small changes can you make in your business to help you scale to the next level? Hit reply and let me know!

Who knows, maybe making a small change in your business can be all you need to take your reselling business from a part-time side hustle to a full-time income… which is why you should read next week's article about a reseller who just went full-time!

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List Perfectly Question Of The Week


I’ve been selling on eBay for many years, but had a first time thing happened today. I took a large box to the post office and it had weighed 7 pounds on my scale at home, but the post office let me know that it was a little over 8 pounds. (New more accurate scale arriving today) I hope that eBay simply charges me the difference and the package doesn’t get returned to me. The postal worker said that that’s what would happen, but now I’m worried. What happens at this point? Has anyone had this happen?

Tracey McGaughy


Normally, they will charge you the overage. I’ve heard of them charging the buyer before they deliver it but it’s rare. You may not even be charged as some slip through. I wouldn’t worry too much.

Ranell Willis Wilson

I’ve been charged extra a few times, but never had one returned.

Sue Christenson

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