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List Perfectly Question Of The Week


Any one else is experiencing this issue?

A label was purchased via Ebay and the item was shipped 5 days ago, now apears as “ship now”…

When trying to manually insert the tracking number - the number is already there..

Contacted ebay support 3 days ago , which “surprisingly” couldn’t do much and was told that they will open a ticket for this…

Nothing happened yet..

Nisan Babaev


As long as you notified Ebay I wouldn't worry about it! One of ebays many screw ups! I had one a couple months ago telling me not to ship as there was trouble with buyers account! Package had been shipped already two days! I ignored it! Never heard from again!

David Uehling

eBay is glitching horribly tonight. Listing is taking a lot longer than it should, UPC errors, I had to enter my postal code several times on new listings…

Matthew Miles

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Forrest Gump Was Right

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